Ceramic Slurry Pump
BCT Ceramic Slurry Pumps
BCT abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant ceramic pump is designed for limestone/gypsum desulfurization, ammonia desulfurization, coal-burning power plants, sintering machine in steel mill, etc. suitable to convey suspended particle medium, corrosive, abrasive medium, scaling, and gas-containing liquid. It is widely used in desulfurization, hydrometallurgy, phosphorus chemical, aluminium oxide.
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Advantages of Ceramic Pumps

Size: 4"to 24"
Capacity: 50-6000 m3/h
Head: 5-45 m
Handing solids: 0-130mm
Concentration: 0%-70%
Materials: Ceramic

AIER® BCT Abrasion Resistant, Corrosion Reistant Ceramic Slurry Pump