Solution Pump
WS, WSH Solution Pump
Aier WS, WSH Solution Pump, 100% interchangeable with Warman S, SH solution pump
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Product Description

Size: 1.5-16"
Capacity: 15-930m3/h
Head: 10m-120 m
Materials: Cast Iron, Stainless steel etc.
AIER® WS, WSH Solution Pump
Series WS (WSH) solution pump is of the new type, high efficiency, energy-saving products manufactured by Aier Machinery Hebei Co., Ltd.
It is mainly used for delivering solution fluids in processing such as: mill circuit water, thickener overflows, industrial waste, tailings dam return water, filtrate return, plant cooling water, dredge pump priming and spray water etc. This series solution pump has been specially designed for those duties where both ordinary water pump and slurry pump are not suitable, but the most reasonable selection is to use solution pump which can operate reliably in arduous conditions.
he construction of tis series pumps is single casing. The pumps are provided with Spheroidal Graphite (S.G.) Cast Iron casings and impellers. When required, casing and impeller can be provided in any machinable alloy. All bearing assembly, frame, drive and gland sealing components are interchangeable with Warman slurry pump.
Discharge can be positioned at intervals of 45° by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications. The advantages of this pump are as follows:
Simple Maintenance, easy assembly and disassembly, easy operation etc.
 Type Notation: 
e.g.: 100WS (or WSH) -D

 100 - Suction Diameter (mm)

 WS - Solution Pump

 WSH - High Head Solution Pump

 D - Frame Type